Survivor PArties

Outwit! Outlast! Outeat...?

If you thought the South Pacific was tough, and the Outback was a test, wait ‘till you experience a Survivor Party at Nixon’s Farm! This fun filled activity has all the components of the wildly popular Survivor television show; the grand pubah rewards challenges, eating “weird” foods, and making secret alliances. Survivor at Nixon's Farm is really team-building but its so much fun, it doesn't feel like work!

The challenge is to outwit, outplay and outlast, and win the ultimate prize of a million calories! Our island setting makes for a fun filled, casual event, and our buffet and tropical drinks will get everyone in the spirit of the competition. The tribe has spoken and they declare Nixon’s Farm the ultimate Survivor winner!


Year round
Starting at $40.00/person plus tax, gratuity & facility (Bar services optional)
25 person minimum
2 months in advance

Get into the games at Nixon’s Farm!

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2800 Nixon's Farm Lane
West Friendship, Maryland 21794

Phone: (443) 364-8380


Contact: Randall Nixon