Mitzvahs and Birthday Parties

Celebrate Your Special Day at Nixon’s Farm!

If you are looking for the perfect country setting to celebrate your special day, look no more. Nixon’s Farm offers country elegance in a breathtaking environment. Our 156 year-old barn has been converted into a lovely ballroom, complete with chandeliers and a beautiful hardwood floor.  

We start with a simple question: “Tell us about your son or daughter”. When you describe your child's personality and pleasures, we can tell you how Nixon’s can make their day  happen. it’s what sets us apart from the depressing “event factories” so prevalent in this industry. If you are looking for a setting that will unleash your imagination and creativity, this is it.  

We are flexible. We can do anything from Fried Chicken to Filet Mignon. We can go vegan to macrobiotic, Mediterranean to Low Country.  We can do buffet, cocktails, seated served, stations, themes, at almost every price level.  Our cuisine is legendary. Our staff has worked in some of the best commercial kitchens in Maryland.  We can provide cuisine as wonderful as a four star restaurant or a top flight hotel at about half of the price.  

We Have No Hidden Fees. We basically have three charges – Food, Beverage and Facility.  There is 6% tax and 18% gratuity on Food and Beverage, neither on Facility. We don’t charge any additional fees, unlike our competitors.  We have no cleanup fee, staffing fee (gratuity pays for the staff), consulting fee, etc.  This is a benefit to having your child's event at Nixon’s Farm.  We keep it simple and take care of everything that is involved in making your day perfect.  

We are Reasonable. MOST of our competitors do not offer these options. We are not out to take anybody to the cleaners.  We want your day to be perfect and perfectly within your budget.  


Year round
Starting at $14.95/person plus tax, gratuity & facility (Bar services optional)
25 person minimum
2 months in advance

Mitzvahs and Birthday Parties At Nixon’s Farm

A photo gallery of Nixon’s Farm.

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Contact: Randall Nixon