Holiday Parties

Experience the Holidays at Nixon’s farm

Experience a Dickens celebration at Nixon’s that would make even old Fezziwig proud! We decorate our restored Bank Barn ballroom with wreaths, presents, and candles. We’ll roast the turkey, spice the cider, and chill the eggnog.

All you have to do is invite your guests and raise a toast to the season. And everyone will want to drink to your health for choosing Nixon’s Farm.The rolling hills of western Howard County are the perfect place to celebrate the season.

Whether you choose a cocktail party, light buffet, or full course meal with all the trimmings, we have the perfect plan for you. Book early to get the right date for you. We wouldn’t want you showing up on Santa’s list of bad little girls and boys!


Starting at $23.95 plus tax, gratuity & facility. (Bar services optional)
30-150 Guests
1-6 months in advance

Holiday Parties At Nixon's Farm

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Phone: (443) 364-8380


Contact: Randall Nixon