Fall PArties & bonfires

AUTUMN fun at Nixon’s farm 

The leaves are turning, there’s a nip in the air, and summer seems like a long time ago. Everyone is looking for fun and a chance to get in the great outdoors, How about an evening of laughs, food, and things that go bump in the night? Our fall evening events are a great morale booster or a teambuilding exercise. Add a pumpkin carving contest or bob for apples for additional autumn fun!

After enjoying one of our Harvest Buffets beside the pavilion fireplaces, it’s time to gather around for songs and stories that send a chill down your spine! Toast marshmallows and laugh like a kid again. At Nixon’s Farm, there’s nothing scary about having a good time!


August to November
Starting at $16.95 plus tax, gratuity & facility (Bar services optional)
25 person minimum
2 Weeks to 1 month in advance

Fall Parties and Bonfires at Nixon’s Farm

A photo gallery of Nixon’s Farm.


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